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Welcome to the New Vegas 40k World.

Hello to all Fallout & Warhammer fans! I am bringing you the the compiled ‘Mods’ I have done for Fallout: New Vegas.  All of the ‘mods’ listed in the pages of this site are my attempt to make a total conversion of New Vegas.  I give FULL credit to the authors that made the Fallout 3 versions that insired me to make them work for F:NV.

This mod would have been impossible without the efforts of many talented modders. These modders and their works are recognized here in no particular order.

I HAVE NO INTENTION ON DISRESPECTING ANY MODDER: so if you see assets in my mod which are uncredited or attributed to the wrong person, please let me know.

Also in reguard for this mod to be Legit for NV, unless otherwise told i am following what was posted on this link. The items May or Maynot be included in the mod!!!

-Necron models and textures created by Coffagenesis.
-Wanamingo and Daemon models and textures created by Zenl.
-Numerous resources, including bolters, plasma weapons, command backpacks, iron haloes, the apothecary armor and other assets created by Jannix Quinn.
-New Imperial Guard assets by Andersh.
-Old Imperial Guard assets (including the helmet, armor texture, and lasgun) made by ravenwing, Darkmagi, and darkstar and uploaded by sparky84.
-Death Korps assets created by Darkmagir and uploaded by sparky84.
-Chaos Marine assets created by sparky.
-Tau armors created by sparky and DaiShiHUN.
-Power swords created by sparky.
-Sister of Battle armors created by TOXA.
-Sisters of Battle armor re-skin by Fairline.
-Tau stealthsuits created by Abarath.
-Grenade launcher created by 1337martyr.
-Achilles rifle created by Jester.
-Sniper rifle created by AlexScorpion.
-Tau weapons created by DaiShi.
-Scout armors created by Andersh.
-Eldar weapons created by Spiderpig.
-Necron weapons created by DaiShi.
-Space marine armors created by cerberos008.
-Chainswords created by Ummthingy amd Amstrad.
-Inquisitor and imperial guard offiicer items created by Myerz aka Ragnar82.
-Eldar armors created by Andersh.
-Spear created by Listenerr.
-Wings created by Riven1978.
-Classic KH l30 by DaiShi.
-Redesigned Plasma Rifle by Svartberg.
-Tau race skin designed by potatochip.
-Enclave Commander designed by J3X.
-Arm-mounted weapons designed by rjtwins.
-Capes created by ElrosTt.
-The teleportation ability and jumppack are based on mods created by Hassan Ijaz and Candor.
-Alien long rifle created by Edhildil.
-Power robes by tumbajamba.
-Tau Crisis Battlesuit modeled by Abarath, UV-mapped and rigged by Fearil and textured by roland3710.
-New las weapons modeled and textured by Andersh.
-Etna spear created by Nick Cureton.
-Eagle sword created by parman1.
-Tesla sword created by SH0CKER.
-30mm Anti-tank gun (Exitus Rifle) created by Phoynix.
-Sneak shoulderless metal armor (Assassin Armors) created by hal2000mhz.
-Colossus mask and targeter by Dae.

I must also thank Bethesda for creating Fallout 3, Relic for creating Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, the game that brought me into the Warhammer fold, and Games Workshop for creating the incredible Warhammer 40k franchise. I claim no credit for any intelectual properties involved in this mod and this mod is completely unofficial and unendorsed by Games Workshop.

I thank you all for your support and help for this Mod to come as far as it has.

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